Riding down the road, don't you often wonder what-the-heck gear you're in? It's especially true with today's high revving, close geared multis like GSXRs and R1/R6s

The Acumen Digital Gear Indicatorr (DG8) is suitable for use on motorcycles equipped with an electronic speedometer and electric rev counter (that is bikes that DO NOT have rotating-core cables). The DG8 system relates the electronic pulses between the two inputs, and once installed and setup, indicates the gear ratio of your bike.

There is a different version (DG8-C) for cable drive Speedos like Ducati's, and many older sportbikes. (You still need to have an Electronic Tacho.)

Both versions come in Red or Blue Display.

INSTALLING? Stop Press - We now have Plug-In Solutions for many sportbikes - so there is no hunting for wires, soldering etc

The DG8 comes with installation instructions for the most popular sportbikes, with color codes for the 5 wires you have to connect: power, ground, neutral light, speedo and tacho pulse.

If your bike has an electronic speedo and electronic tach, DG8 will work as long as you locate the right wires: check your owner's manual for your wire colors.

Once connected, you have to put the DG8 into a programming mode to teach it the gears for your bike. This is much like programming a remote control for a TV!

The new DG8 has advanced electronics that allow it to be programmed much easier than the Datatool DiGi; users will also find the instructions provided makes installation and programming easy to follow.

Installation & Programming

Most people seem to be able to fit their DG8 in an hour or so, but if you have problems with wiring, it could be best to ask a friend or your dealer to install it.

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Optional Billet Housings for the Finishing Touch

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Suitable for use with any motorcycle fitted with electronic speedo and rev counter
Indicates up to eight ratios
Auto-dim for night time use
Simple to install
Gives added control and safety
Version also available for Cable Speedo Bikes


Here are some typical comments:
I find it really essential at Track Days.
It's just a cool accessory for my cycle.
I keep trying to change up when I'm already in top gear!
Trying to pull an instant wheelie in 4th doesn't work. This tells me when I'm in 2nd and Whoa!!!...
As a woman who's a new rider, it gives me confidence.
How did I manage before DG8!