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Although we know it makes sense to wear full safety gear whenever we ride, it's often not practical or convenient. You may be just riding across town, commuting to work or touring, or maybe it's just too hot! But we somehow don't feel comfortable riding 'naked.' Bohn Bodyguard shirts and pants are your ideal solution; safety...with comfort and protection. While Bodyguard is equally valuable to all riders, we supply a large proportion to riders in their 40s, 50s and 60s, who want quality, and discreet protection. They don't want to look like a Star Wars character while riding!


Bohn Bodyguard System The Bohn Bodyguard System places comfortable Bohn Armor close to the vulnerable 'corners' of your body and holds it in place with flexible, breathable lycra shirts and pants, making it easy to dress when preparing for a ride. Add outer clothing which is appropriate for the conditions and kind of riding you are doing. For instance, many riders like to ride in denim jeans and jacket. Now you can be protected and cool!

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Bohn Armor is made to the stringent European 'CE' Standards for Motorcycle Body Protection. There are no testing or performance standards in North America for motorcycle clothing, but by wearing Bohn Bodyguard you can be assured that your vulnerable 'corners' will be protected by our superb, shock absorping armor, should you fall. Made in the UK, the Bohn ZorbTM honeycomb core is encapsulated with two layers of comfortable, absorbent rubber foam which makes for state-of-the-art body-conforming sections. Bohn unique KonformTM is used in other strategic areas.

Bohn Zorb cross section

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Bodyguard Shirts are available in two styles.

Europe ShirtAirtex ShirtThe Europe Shirt is made from an exclusive material which provides great flexibility and comfort with terrific breathability. Ventilation panels are built into the arms and sides of the body. Easy to wear, it's ideal for year round use in all conditions - just adjust what you wear on top.

The Airtex Shirt is made specially for those hot States where heat and humidity make you face that old dilema - ride in a T-shirt and be cool and unprotected, or wear a suit and get cooked alive! The Airtex Shirt is made from a ventilated material similar to that of basketball vests. We now have a great stretch mesh which works nearly as well as the lycra in the Europe Shirts.

Blue and White Airtex Shirts

Just In! We now have Airtex shirts in Blue & White with checker trim for those style conscious riders! $159.00

NEW!! Airtex Shirt in Harley Colors!
We're now taking orders for these shirts.

Airtex shirt in Harley Colors

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We now offer Pants in 2 specs: Armored Pants—with Bohn Zorb Armor in knee/shin and Bohn Komfort in hips—and Adventure Pants—with Bohn Zorb Armor in knee/shin and Bohn Komfort in hips plus Bohn Komfort thigh protection and our exclusive multi-layered flexible tailbone section. They are ideal for those who really want to be protected, but still wear jeans over the top.

Bohn Bodyguard Pants Armored Pants
Bohn Pants though are a revelation! How many of us just like to ride in Blue Jeans? It's like they were invented for motorcycling! But somehow our knees feel rather exposed, to say nothing of hips. We fit comfortable hip pads with slim articulated knee and shin armor - all designed to fit under your jeans. Your friends will never know!

See the review in the July 2000 issue of Motorcyclist magazine


NEW!!!! Adventure Pants Adventure Pants

Made with the same protective pads as the original Pants (knee/shin, hip and thigh pads) plus a tailbone pad for extra protection.

Available in size XS to 3XL.

Armored Pants XS to XXL $139 (+$10 for XXXL)

Adventure Pants XS to XXL $159 (+$10 for XXXL)

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We have sizing from Small thru XXXL, so there ought to be a size that works for you! Please refer to the Sizing Guide for your fitting. About one quarter of our shirts and pants are bought by women who find the unisex styling practical and comfortable. Unlike jackets - where you often choose a larger size for comfort when you wear other garments underneath - Bohn Bodyguard should be selected closest to your 'real' size; this way it will fit snug and firm, holding the armor in the correct position. Most people simply wear a T-shirt underneath their armor, then add a sweater if needed under their leather or other jacket.

Bohn Sizing Chart

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The armor easily removes for washing in a regular washing machine. There is no shrinking. When touring, many people wash their suits overnight in their motel room. The big advantage with this system is that you have a versatile armor system which you can wear under your other jackets or suits and will last you many years.

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The well known motojournalist and traveller just left for a mammoth 7 month trip to Africa, Asia, and New Zealand. He has our Bohn System armored Shirts and Pants - as a practical lightweight system for all occasions. I am sure we will see his reports in Motorcycle Consumer News,etc. in due course.
" really works. I look at this gear as an investment in my safety and well being in case..." Dr. G.F.

November 25, 1999 Road Report From Botswana

NEW!!! January 2000 Road Report From Zanzibar


JUNE 2000
"I hammered the Bohn Body Armor across Africa for 5 months. While it does not stop bullets or spears it took its licks and "kept on ticking." It has found a home with the rest of my 'round the world riding gear.' Can not beat the shirt in hot weather, washes easy and gives you what you need when you take a hit. I view wearing the Bohn pants and shirt as an investment in your well being when it is too hot to cook in the Gortex pants and jacket."
Dr. Gregory W. Frazier


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FIT AND COMFORT the shirt is absolutely great! The fit is right on, and the pads stay where they should. What's really great is that now I can wear ANY leather I want, and feel comfortable that I have some protection! I used to be very uncertain about what style jacket I would buy/wear, based on what kind of armor it contained; now it doesn't matter - with this shirt on, any jacket is fact, I am 'armored' even without a jacket on! Great product! I will tell my rider friends, and they will no doubt be in touch...thanks again!
Paul D (Colorado)

I recently purchased 2 body shirts from you and we really like them a lot. Unfortunately my husband met with an RV on our motorcycle vacation and had his body shirt cut off him by the medics. Is it possible to purchase an XXL bodyshirt without the armor? By the way, we were really lucky to escape with a few broken bones that are now on their way to mending. We really believe the armor had a lot to do with our escape and were glad we were wearing it at the time.

Peter suffered a broken clavicle, ribs and road rash. His jeans belt had road rash on the front side and back from spinning around on the road. We believe the body armor protected his back and arms and I am sure his shoulder would have been much worse without the protection. Neither of us will beriding without the protection in future. It scares me to think of the youngsters in Florida that only wear shorts when riding.

Thanks. Jacky Seabrook (Florida)

10/9/98 - Got the shirt is absolutely great! the fit is right on, and the pads stay where they should................what's really great is that now I can wear ANY leather I want, and feel comfortable that I have some protection!

I used to be very uncertain about what style jacket I would buy/wear, based on what kind of armor it it doesn't matter-with this shirt on, any jacket is fact, I am "armored" even without a jacket on! Great product! I will tell my rider friends, and they will no doubt be in touch....thanks again! Paul Dimarchi

10/10/98 - hey Paul, I just did a 300 mile ride with the Bohn shirt on, under light leathers............the temperature ranged from 41 to 78(F)...........this product is great! Fortunately, I did not subject the armor to any stress tests, but I did take off and put on my jacket several times, and used different layers of clothing to adjust for the temperature (always with the Bohn shirt under it all)............. and the fit, convenience, and comfort of the Bohn shirt is can truly forget it's there..........thanks again,

Our thanks to Paul DiMarchi of Niwot, CO for his feedback - a well established business owner, Paul describes himself as 'physically aging but emotionally immature amateur racer.'

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By definition many people use this system when it's hot! The armor is easily removed, then wash by hand in warm soapy water. There is no shrinking. No ironing required.

As long as your pants are not skin tight, most people find they fit comfortably and discreetly under jeans. This also means you can ride in your favorite jeans, not baggy padded jeans.


No, although we now include the thigh pads, many riders do not use these in the summer - the same applies if you have a suit with some armor already installed. Bohn Armor shirts and pants are extremely versatile. For instance, you may want to wear your pants under leathers that already have knee protection but no hip and thigh armor. Just remove the knee armor and likewise for the other armor sections. Same applies for the shirts.

No, although some people do (on the theory that otherwise they would just be riding in a T-shirt). The Bohn Armor in the shirts and pants provides tremendous impact protection for the vulnerable 'corners' of your body that are likely to come into contact if you fall. While there naturally is some abrasion resistance in the sections, they are not designed to provide abrasion protection like leather or cordura, etc. So choose your outerwear depending on conditions and the kind of riding you're doing that day.

The armor and materials we use meet and exceed the European CE Standard for Motorcycle Body Protection. This requires that a specified minimum amount of energy is actually absorbed in the armor. There is no equivalent standard in the US or Canada. Beware of armor made from foams - soft or hard. Many simply either do not absorb or pass the energy straight through to you!

You can expect to get many seasons use out of the system.

Not in these shirts, due to heat and bulk considerations, but check out our X-Ploit Chest Protectors.

Yes, Bohn Bodyguard is for both sexes. The reason for this is that the stretch-lycra type material is designed to hold the armor in place under your outer clothing, so it's OK to shuffle it up or down until the armor is in the right place, it's important to make sure the armor fits snug. We supply a lot to women who ride with their husbands and want to know why it's only HIM THAT'S PROTECTED.....?!

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Armored Shirts & Pants

Bodyguard Europe Shirt S to XXXL $149
Bodyguard Airtex Shirt S to XXXL $149
Bodyguard ArmoredPants XS to XXL $139
Bodyguard ArmoredPants XXXL $149
Bodyguard Adventure Pants XS to XXL $159
Bodyguard Adventure Pants XXXL $169

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Bohn products are designed to provide superb, comfortable body protection to minimize injury in the event of a fall. Prevention is better than cure, always ride safely with regard to the conditions and your ability. Your Bohn Armor will be there to help you if the unexpected happens.

Bohn products pursue a policy of continuous development to produce the best product for users. Materials, price and specifications may change without prior notice.


TO ORDER OR FURTHER INFO: Call 888 922 9269 or contact us via our email order form

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